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Ongoing support is critical to becoming a successful trader

At TradersCircle we are committed to searching for ways to better support you the trader, whether it’s by providing increased service or educating you to better take advantage of the market.

Whilst the market is forever changing, you the trader needs to keep up with what is going on and come up with new trade ideas. Our membership gives you access to all the data you need as well as access to our team of traders which can help support you and keep you up to date with the Australian Market.


Advantages of being a TradersCircle member

  • Live ASX data and trading software Pulse, powered by Paritech
  • Daily market views and updates.
  • The TradersCircle Options Calculator.
  • The TradersCircle Mini Warrant Calculator
  • Trade recommendations on Options and Mini Warrants.
  • Daily live trading webcasts (looking for traders in the live market).
  • Access to expert trading support from the TradersCircle Team.
  • Access to training content from the previous courses attended.

Live ASX data and trading software Pulse, powered by Paritech

  • Dynamic live share and option pricing.
  • Powerful Real-Time Charting.
  • Customisable Alerting.
  • Ability to trade online at online rates.
  • Able to view your open positions and see open orders in the market.
  • Ability to amend orders.
  • Added to this you will have the ability to request a quote from a market maker which is normally a broker function only.

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Key Benefits

Daily Live Trading Webcast

Every day at 12noon 

  • Keep up to date with the market.
  • See what our traders are trading.
  • Ask as many questions as you like.
  • Sessions are recorded.

Daily Market View

Keep up with what is driving markets.

  • Morning View
  • Midday Update
  • Afternoon Wrap


Make smart strategy decisions at a glance.

  • We have a Calculator for both Options and Mini Warrants.
  • See Profit and loss over time and share price movement.
  • Adjust Implied volatility levels.
  • Calculates Options Margin.

Paritech Pulse Software Live Demo

TradersCircle Option Calculator Overview

Why TradersCircle?

Traders Circle has built a reputation over the last 13 years as being a Premium Educator, support and trade execution service for individuals wishing to educate themselves and trade the market.

We pride ourselves on focusing on you the individual. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, we will train, coach, and provide a structured, no nonsense set of rules for picking the direction of a stock. Once you’ve picked the direction we can assist you in executing your trade, either with our expert full-service solution or by taking advantage of our online rates.

Your trainer is Carlo Castellano, the Co-Founder of TradersCircle, who is considered one of the best trainers in the industry. With his knowledge and ability to take the subject of trading and simplify it, you will walk away with a full understanding of how to apply the rules he uses and has taught traders over many years.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

Live Trade Recommendations

Live Trade Recommendations

Tools on members' website

Tools on members' website

Learn the Rules of a Professional Trader.

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