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TradersCircle is one of Australia’s leading stock market options trading platform, and runs one of Australia’s busiest options trading desks.

We pride ourselves on running options and share trading courses and education programs delivered by professional traders, along with personalized support, trade recommendations and all the resources and tools that a trader needs.

Founded by Carlo Castellano and Michael Cornips in 2005, TradersCircle now has the perfect combination of trading experience, resources and energy.

Live Face-to-Face Training Programs:

Learn Directly

Our team of professional traders will teach you our technical and fundamental rules step-by-step. You will learn how to trade in different market conditions using sophisticated strategies that can give you an edge over regular traders.


Your personal trainer is there to help you through your learning cycle, they will guide you from when you make your first trade through to supporting you all the way to becoming a confident trader.

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Course Objectives:

Who is this course for?

We design our trading courses to benefit both experienced traders and absolute beginners who are serious about becoming competent traders with our Trading Mastery Program.

We recognize that our students, more often than not, have full time jobs and are busy people, so our share trading courses fit well to a busy lifestyle. People want to be traders for many reasons. For some it may be to have more time with your family, or cash-flow for lifestyle, or an opportunity to build a retirement investment portfolio.

If this sounds like you then contact us today because this course is for you.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

Live Trade Recommendations

Live Trade Recommendations

Tools on members' website

Tools on members' website

Our Trading Mastery Program

This course is designed to take you on a journey using Technical Analysis. By the end of the two days you will have clear cut entry and exit rules for directional trading. Once these rules are learnt, you will then be taught how to trade Mini Warrants to take advantage of your directional view.

If you are wanting to trade the Australian share market with an instrument that allows you to trade the up, down or sideways movement, then you should consider using Options in your trading portfolio. Options allow you flexibility when trading due to the range of strategies available.

Students start trading at different stages of the program. Some with more experience will start quickly however we encourage you to start only after you have completed extensive paper trading and are confident to execute what you have learnt live in the market. Before you place a trade you should speak to your dedicated trainer.

Support and Service you will receive during the Program

Telephone Support

We support you every step of the way, people learn at different speeds and have different questions. You are given a dedicated trainer who we encourage you to call and ask every question that you have about share trading options. If you wish you can make a time to visit the office and sit down with your stock trading trainer one on one. Providing support and looking after our students are something that we pride ourselves on. If you are not turning up to the online training sessions then expect a call!

Trade Recommendations

The best way to teach something is to demonstrate it, and the best way to do this is via Trading Recommendations. If our team sees a trade live in the market that meet our trading rules, you will receive an SMS and email notifying you of the trading opportunity. The choice is then yours as to whether you will enter the trade or not, and you will be updated regularly on how the trade is performing until its completion. It’s a great way to learn.


You receive access to our Members website and that includes the resource centre, daily market updates, trade recommendations on share trading. We also run live online trading webcasts where you are able to ask questions, look for trade opportunities and consolidate your learning.

This is a comprehensive share trading course / program, you are educated by professionals and supported every step of the way.

Learn the Rules of a Professional Trader.

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