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Live Trading Webinar - Options and how to trade them

Date and Time: Thursday 13th June 2019 12:00 noon AEST

Presenters: Tim Michaelides and Karo Cornips

Stocks don’t just rise.The market can fall just as much as it can run; It can even just go sidewards for long periods of time.

How can we take advantage of these conditions? What do we do when the market falls, or does anything but rise?

Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) are often utilised as a way to combat and profit when markets don’t rise. They provide flexibility to trade any market condition; whether it be bullish, bearish, or sideways.

Learn form the head of our Trading desk, Tim Michaelides, in this special webinar where he will give a brief explanation of Options.

By understanding how to trade Options, it can change the lens through which you see the market – allowing you to benefit from upwards, downwards, and even sideways movement.

In this session we will cover:

  • Call and Put Options
  • What makes up an Options price
  • How to trade a sideways view
  • How to benefit from time decay
  • The core skills needed to be a successful trader

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