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In response to government updates on travel and social distancing due to the coronavirus, we have made some changes to how we are running our courses. Many of you will be at home, so…

We are streaming our courses online. 

In addition, we are limiting physical attendees to five students.

We have had great success with our streams so far, with students remaining highly engaged through voice and camera.

That being said, attending the physical course is always our preference as we find it is easier to teach and engage with each of our students individually. This promotes their learning by tailoring the education to them on the fly. 

At this stage, if you feel comfortable physically attending our courses then we want you to know that we are taking every measure to make sure your environment is as clean and sanitized as best we can. This includes:

  • Plenty of hand sanitizer available.
  • The room is wiped down with sanitizing cloths several times a day.
  • 5 people in the room to keep plenty of distance between participants.
  • Food prepared to high safety standards and individually portioned.

Ongoing Training:

We are known for our face to face sessions and whilst they are definitely a highlight, the program is really a full two-month course where the majority of your learning is done online:

  • You are in regular contact with your personal trainer
  • Submit and review practice trades
  • Videos that cover the core topics
  • Daily live market webinars
  • Market updates and data
  • Calculators and charting software. 

We are only planning on streaming our courses online until people feel safe traveling again and the government restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted.

If you’d like to learn to trade our way from the comfort of your home, now is the time!

Find out more about our courses by clicking here.