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I have found the program to be extremely informative in providing me with all the knowledge & tools that are required to begin trading. The staff are extremely professional & cannot do enough to help you to get your trading on track. TradersCircle is an amazing company because it provides such support with its traders who you can call at anytime to talk about your trades & trading strategies.

Tania S

Options and How to Trade Them 2019

I would recommend this program. The concepts explained were and are easy to follow. The advisory staff were in attendance and were approachable and knowledgeable on all aspects of trading.

Graham M

Options and How to Trade Them 2019

It's a great platform for the traders of all maturity levels. Carlo and the advisers are all simply great. Very friendly to discuss anything about trading results openly and honestly. Nothing to hide.

Shantanu S

Options and How to Trade Them 2019

This is a highly detailed education course with the clients best interest at a high level. The staff reflect this, and I feel very comfortable in their presence. It's a very friendly environment where one feels part of the family.

Graham S

Technical Trading For the Australian Market, 2019

The Team at TradersCircle are attentive. They adapt conversations to your depth of understanding. At the heart of it, they are pitching for you to get better at trading & the rest will follow.

Vernon L

Technical Trading For the Australian Market, 2019

I have found the program to be comprehensive yet straightforward to follow. The support resources are available. Knowledgable and very supportive trainers too. I would recommend someone to this program and have done in the past.

John M

Technical Trading For the Australian Market, 2019

Excellent course and simple to follow. Carlo explains things very well and is always happy to go over things in simple terms so all can understand.

Richard B.

Trading Mastery Program, January 2019

I could not fault the service provided during the program and would recommend this program to others.

Max K

Friendly and enthusiastic staff that were a pleasure to work with and learn from. Look forward to making further contact and continuing the learning process.

John C.

Trading Mastery Program, January 2019

Excellent program professionally delivered with fine course material provided. Explanations and demonstration of course content was logical, well paced and thorough.

David R.

Trading Mastery Program, January 2019

The program is comprehensive - and taught in a logical process. Support people are great - all friendly, helpful and patient with our questions. The great support by phone, email and ongoing education by webcast is why I like TradersCircle. I feel confident that I have a great support network to help me make this a great success

Julia M.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

There was a whole lot of information that I wasn't extracting from charts despite being an active investor for many years. Carlo's explanations alerted me to the voids I had in my understanding of chart patterns. The smaller teaching groups assist in getting the most out of the sessions through constant Q&A.

Rob M

Options and How to Trade Them 2019

I've thoroughly enjoyed the course. It's exactly what I was looking for to improve my trading. The staff are very supportive and helpful, the course has been presented in an easy to understand format and Carlo's thoroughness is fantastic. I'll walk away with a solid base to progress my trading.

Simon H

Trading Mastery Program 2019

Found a small group to be more beneficial for me as I was able to ask more questions & clarify my thoughts.

Adam H

Options and How to Trade Them 2019

I found the Trading Mastery Program to be a great help in pointing me in the right direction for my needs. I now have a good understanding of the various strategies and where they should be used. The staff are excellent to deal with and their support most appreciated. Carlo's insights and mentoring is excellent.

Trevor D

Trading Mastery Program 2019

Very well run programme that explains options and trading strategies simply and easy to understand.

Kaye B.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

Overall I have found everyone from TMP friendly, helpful, approachable and able to help with any request.

Trudy B.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

I would have no hesitation recommending this program. Your staff have been exceptional. The level of commitment and support has been second-to-none, including the technical support on your website. Thank you for helping me through this journey.

Teresa R.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

The weekend has been great, the strategies have been well explored, the repetition is great for consolidating the ideas. Look forward to going home and doing the new strategies.

Lucinda H.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

The experience and knowledge that is given throughout the first 3 days and the second 3 days, where there is more advanced strategies is second-to-none. This has given me the confidence to move forward.

Peter N.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

The Trading Mastery Program is excellent. The training, support and help from everyone in the company has been invaluable and extremely professional. The training is very informative and hands-on and really assists you to become a better trader. Having the constant support is really helpful and assists greatly to making you an independent and successful trader.”  

Tania S.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017

Have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and am looking forward to attempting to start live trading to test myself out. Thanks to all the staff for your patience.

Robert F.

Trading Mastery Program, June 2017


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