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This program over the weekend has been great, you have always answered my questions and you are polite from when you first step foot on the property. The staff here at TradersCircle are excellent, when first meeting the crew they all shook my hand and it makes you feel welcome, I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about stocks. 

Carlo was  very easy to udnerstand and full of knowledge and experience. He has lots of real life examples to help us understand various aspects of trading. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him.

Great weekend. Staff & team have been extremely helpful. Learned a great deal. The software & program resources look excellent. Carlo was clear with the instructions. What I took away in following the direction, staying disciplined, take the emotion away, becoming automated. 

The Advanced Strategies Program was organised and run to perfection. Just like the basic program, Carlo managed to simplify the Options on Day 2 after a heavy theory Day 1. Excellent program and highly recommended.

In addition to that, the resources provided, venue for weekend course, support from staff are all exceptional for anyone, including a new starter like myself.

I Have just completed the Advanced Course. I am extremely happy with the course content, delivery, and level of information. Whilst being challenging it was delivered in a manner that was simple, logical, and understandable. Carlo’s presentation & connection is fabulous. The course material is very comprehensive whilst still being quite simple. All the team at TradersCircle are professional, experienced, and extremely helpful.

Great program, very helpful staff and very strong support.

Everyone is helpful and lovely. Can feel the passion about their job. The course is not just the 4 days, there is webcasts and a lot of 1-on-1 sessions to help understanding.

Great course. Superb knowledgeable instruction with clear guidelines.

If you are considering different kinds of trading systems i would highly recommend Traders Circle. The support, resources and training is in a class of its own.

Both beginner’s and advanced courses have been well conducted. Trainer Carlo made the key trading concepts very easy to understand through some real examples and class exercises. I have enjoyed both classes myself. As a zero starter in trading, I have gained the general knowledge about trading in Australia market. Carlo is a great trainer by making a complex trading process simplified. The supporting team are also great in couching students in after-class exercises. All trainers and support team have been really patient and supportive.

I have found the program to be very welcoming. I do not feel pressured at all and the staff welcome me with open arms and encourage to ask questions, and always have time to improve my learning. The website is full of useful tools to help with my learning. I would highly recommend someone to do this course.

Very informative and helpful. Carlo was great in pushing us to learn and to learn his method. Do away with our old habits in the stock market.

Hats Off! Carlo is a brilliant trader and Master Trainer. I was very skeptical before I started and I am a true believer that I am in good hands and the staff are great, friendly and very supportive. TradersCircle is a beautiful orchestra! Keep it going folks.

The Training Program was delivered in a clear and concise manner in a positive environment for learning. I found that the content was exactly what I was looking for to further my existing knowledge by providing pragmatically developed and practical knowledge that can easily be applied in the real world. The support and follow-up resources are beneficial and the level of support after the program session is second to none.

Trading Foundations Program

The course materials are easy to follow and very helpful. I’ve been re reading them since to help increase my understanding. Very grateful for the ongoing training and support Im receiving post course to ensure I fully understand and can apply the knowledge. Thank you.

Advanced Strategies Program

I would definitely recommend this course to people interested in the stock market. If you are new to the stock market the online course provided is a great way to have an introduction to the market. Carlo and the team at TradersCircle were all very informative and helpful and were happy to answer and and all questions.

Trading Foundations Program

The staff at TradersCircle go above to educate. They make themselves available to support and advise as you begin trading. The course materials are detailed yet easy to understand. The process makes sense and the paper trading competition gives you a chance to test your skill before you use your own money.

Trading Foundations Program

The program is taught by Carlo and he is knowledgable and a great teacher. He made the contents simple to understand and engaging. The mentor and the whole team are supportive and willing to help me succeed.

I would definitely recommend someone. Clearly the course has been refined and has very relevant information, Carlo conveys this very effectively and efficiently. With support being an option (If I require it) I have huge confidence and less doubt in the decisions I make.

Advanced Strategies Program

This course was brilliant! I was amazed by how simple it was to understand the material. I had no previous knowledge in trading and I feel confident now to practice my first trading tomorrow. Carlo was very patient and very welcoming to all of us. He answered every question and made sure we understood the material in full. Thank you so much for this incredible course and experience.

Trading Foundations Program