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As demand of energy metals continues to rise, speculative investors would be wise to consider small cap miners operating in lucrative locations where the geological settings are conducive to finding large sized orebodies.

The West Musgrave region in Western Australia has proven to be prosperous to miners over the past five years with drilling having unearthed sizeable amounts of nickel and copper sulphides.

Being one of Australia’s the most prospective mining locations in recent years, larger explorers in the West Musgrave region have continued to develop their projects.

But when looking for potential value in the West Musgrave region, small market capital explorer Redstone Resources (ASX: RDS) owns a 237km2 land holding beaming with potential.

In recent years, Redstone have been invested in their Tollu project which identified resources of more than 38,000T of copper and a cobalt resource. But further looking to explore the area beyond their Tollu project, Redstone conducted an airborne VTEM survey of their land holding last year with results lighting up 11 individual EM anomalies over the two week surveying procedure.

Redstone reported drilling of one anomaly to depths of 300m and found sulphides which confirmed their VTEM findings and led to the upgrade to the other 10 sites as a priority.

Closing on March 14, 2018 at $0.013 per share, the company is trading at its lowest levels but with newsflow expected to come in 2018 regarding those other 10 EM anomalies (and follow up on the first drilled anomaly), they present a speculative mining stock capable of delivering some big results this year.

You can find out more about Redstone Resources by visiting their Investor Hub.

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