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    Paul HockingPaul Hocking
    04:17 18 Sep 23
    Great introductory course over the weekend. Well lead by Carlo and the team. Everything went smoothly taking into account what we were being taught was very new to us. Good discussion good handouts and homework to assist consolidation of information. Feeling confident by the time we meet again most will be clearer. Many thanks to all.
    Afroz AliAfroz Ali
    06:02 06 Sep 23
    Absolutely fantastic experience all round with TradersCircle. Thoroughly enjoyed the onsite trainings sessions followed by virtual webcasts and the ongoing support. Really genuine team and always there to help ongoing. The simple yet brilliant strategies taught by a very experienced trader made it possible to grasp for someone new to trading like myself as well. Highly recommend TradersCircle.
    Aayush BhansaliAayush Bhansali
    01:46 11 Aug 23
    Comprehensive educational programs accompanied by exceptional staff members who consistently display a willingness to offer assistance and support.
    Chris WookeyChris Wookey
    22:53 09 Nov 22
    I have completed this course and highly recommend it. Carlo and his team emphasise to always ask questions, and to call up the advisors - sometimes I call 4-5 times a day to either ask questions, or whether my logic for a trade is viable. It's also great they are in Flinders Lane and can meet the advisors - it's always good to put a face to a name that I talk to on a daily basis.After completing the course, I use their website daily to access learning tools to help solidify what I learnt. I feel very welcome to the Trader's Circle family, and there has never been a time where I felt like I was brushed off - there was always time to ask questions and even though it can be a lot to learn, I never felt like I was talked down to - even when we go over the same topic over and over again.So I would highly recommend Trader's Circle. I feel like I am part of a close-knit family. Thanks
    Dudley MaritzDudley Maritz
    04:36 01 Nov 22
    After many full-time months of doing self-directed learning and paper trading, and reading thousands of "words-of -wisdom" from self proclaimed experts, my paper account could still not reach my realistic targets. I figured out that the only way to change this was to get some input from experts, but with a history of delivering both results and a personalized experience.Through much research I came across Traders Circle, and my initial interaction with them was the deciding factor - friendly, non-condescending, prompt to reply and helpful in everyway you could wish for.The course was presented in a structured manner where each previous learning was built on, at a pace that was totally appropriate for the content. The course presenter, Carlo, immediately installed a feeling on confidence and did not try to paint any picture other than reality. Working with other students also provides the opportunity to listen to the answers to questions you did not even think of.Walking away with a clear set of rules to trade to was pure gold, but for me the most important learning was being empowered to taking out the emotion in trading and sticking to the game plan. The psychological reset was a complete change in the way I think and will go a long way to ensuring a successful trading career. I can now approach trades in a clinical, but much, much more confident manner.The returns on this course outweighs every cent and every minute spent!
    lilian rosslilian ross
    06:40 21 Apr 22
    The support I received as a start up trader and continue to receive years later, is invaluable. It keeps my trading psychology healthy and balanced. Traders Circle has always been great to deal with. Their combined knowledge has helped me grow and thrive as a trader.
    Ronnie PoplawskiRonnie Poplawski
    04:17 21 Apr 22
    If you want to trade the stock market join Traders Circle and learn
    Garry LawsonGarry Lawson
    03:40 21 Apr 22
    Traders Circle has educated me thoroughly in options trading. They are reliable, caring and extremely experienced in trading options. They are very keen to help others, no matter how experienced they may be. I had traded shares from time to time over the years but this is another gear up. Making money is very exciting and their help is always invaluable.
    Mark CarlsonMark Carlson
    08:15 27 Jan 22
    If you are searching around looking for courses and not sure who to go with, I highly recommend traders circle.No matter what level your trading experience, traders circle really does accommodate for everyone. This was made apparent in the course I completed "Options and how to trade them."I have been in the stock market for many years and I was looking to take my next step in trading. I really did not know anything about options, nor how to trade them - hence taking the course.Carlo who ran the course, run it at a speed to make sure everyone understood everything prior to moving on. He was very knowledgeable and clearly loves what he does - I really felt I was in good hands.On completion of the course we ran a paper competition for a month, this ensures you are comfortable with what you have learnt in options trading prior to putting your own money down - this was gold.I am now trading options and have been successful to date, even in this very volatile market we are experiencing, with my membership I get access to all the tools I need, daily educational videos, technical analysis and recommendations and more. My overall trading knowledge has improved dramatically through this on going support.If I am considering a trade, or want some advise before taking one, they are only one phone call away and more than happy to give their expertise.I look forward to continuing my trading with traders circle, if you are serious about taking your trading to the next level and have an interest in options, then this is your team.
    david marrisdavid marris
    03:49 16 Jul 21
    I highly recommend traderscircle to anyone wishing to learn to trade mini warrants or share options. I first started with learning mini warrants. I had no trading knowledge and very limited computer know how, fortunately you don't need computer know how and everything you need to help you trade mini warrants is taught in the course (including a set of rules to follow)and if you are a slow learner like me don't worry because the training and help is ongoing. I didn't believe it at first but I definitely do now having been constantly helped every step of my trading journey.I have since learnt how to trade share options through traderscircle and continue to get assistance and good advice.I work away 2 weeks out of 3 but often recieve a sms if a trade I am in needs reviewing which has saved me money on more than one occasion 😊Once again if you're looking to learn how to trade mini warrants or share options don't go past traderscircle. They have helped increase my bank balance and given me future security with my new found knowledge.
    Lisa Food AdventuresLisa Food Adventures
    11:35 08 Jul 21
    Traders Circle teaches something so advanced, it's genius, and yet they can teach it to a beginner like myself.You might be like me and be sceptical especially if you are a beginner in the stock market. With Traders Circle, I feel like I lucked out as the training and ongoing support is there for you as long as you utilise it. Trust me, they can answer whatever questions you have and I asked all sorts of questions.Start with an open mind, and I promise you it's not anything shady. I recommend sticking out as much as you can and you'll see how trading can become another source of income for you. My advice is to think long term if you are thinking purely about the money.I do highly recommend Traders Circle but remember you need to put in your effort too, because if everything was laid out for us with no action is required on our part, everyone would be earning $$ doing nothing. If you are willing to put in the effort to change your future, or add security (especially during a pandemic), then you have do something different and put in the effort on your end. This is where Traders Circle comes in, and will be able to provide the education you need.I generally recommend to keep going as it took me a while to get to a place where I can be confident in building more income for myself.P.S. As you can tell from my username, I'm trying to build myself outside from a typical 9-5 corporate job, hence building other source of income 🙂
    Max AmblerMax Ambler
    06:17 16 Jul 20
    I have now completed 2 courses with traders circle and could not recommend them any higher. I have felt supported from the first day i walked in. I have had no issues with communication on a daily basis and can say i feel comfortable calling up at any time.The course is not only reasonably valued but is full of accurate content and taught super professionally.Look forward to the future working with traders circle
    Eliana BorgesEliana Borges
    02:49 23 Mar 20
    The education and support provided by TradersCircle is exceptional, it caters for all levels, novice to experienced traders.I highly recommend the company.Regards and thank you
    Marco CMarco C
    02:39 23 Mar 20
    Traders circle learning support and training cannot be faulted. They are happy to guide you even when you completed a course. Assistance is only a phone call away.


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