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A research report published by Adamas Intelligence has identified a major impending supply gap in global dysprosium oxide with Northern Minerals (ASX: NTU) owning the most significant project globally to address the gap.

As a vital element, dysprosium is a heavy rare earth which can triple the maximum operating temperature of material (up to 240 degrees celsius), making it the ideal material for a growing list of products – most notably batteries required for electric vehicles.

Over the past decade, 98% of global dysprosium supply has come from China but ongoing government crackdowns into illegal mining in China has led to a 34% reduction in global dysprosium supply. This has opened the market for new entrants to address growing demand which has come with the electric vehicle revolution.

Adamas Intelligence believes that China’s production alone will not be enough to support demand growth where electric vehicle motors are expected to become the single largest end-use of dysprosium oxide by 2025.

Analysing advanced rare earth projects across five continents, Northern Minerals’ Browns Range Project is projected to produce 280 tonnes of dysprosium oxide per annum and is the most advanced project.

Having this week commenced commissioning of their crushing circuit, Northern Minerals are on track for completion of the Browns Range Pilot Plant by June 30, 2018.

At full scale, dysprosium oxide production at Browns Range would be sufficient to supply 2.7 million electric vehicle motors per year. With China’s forecast production alone insufficient to support global demand growth, Northern Minerals are positioned very well to fill the global supply gap where production is scheduled to commence in July, 2018.

You can view the full Adamas Intelligence Research Report on the Northern Minerals Investor Hub.

Northern Minerals trade under the ASX code ‘NTU’.