Options and How to Trade Them

If you are wanting to trade the Australian share market with an instrument that allows you to trade the up, down or sideways movement, then you should consider using Options in your trading portfolio. Options allow you flexibility when trading due to the range of strategies available.

What makes Options unique is the ability to structure strategies that can take advantage of these movements. You can apply strategies when you believe the market will trade between a range or when you are expecting a large move in either direction.

When you understand these Option strategies you will be able to trade all market conditions. This is what makes Options unique compared to other trading instruments, and the choice of many traders.

If you are wanting to trade the Australian share market with an instrument that allows you to trade the up, down or sideways movement, this program is designed for you.

Course overview

At this three-month training program, you will learn how to use Call and Put Options to trade the up or downward movement of a stock or index as well as applying Covered Calls on your shares. We will then move onto multiple leg strategies designed to be used in sideways and slower moving markets.

At the end of the program you will understand how to structure Option strategies for various market scenarios, including strategies that can take advantage of rising or falling volatility using our strategy cookbook.

The three-month program starts with a three-day workshop conducted by our co-founder Carlo Castellano and will be supported by our team of trading experts and mentors, who will coach you with your trading decisions.

After the initial three days you will then be enrolled into our weekly live trading webcasts where our trainers will look at applying the strategies learnt with question and answer sessions during the webcast.

When we add the daily phone support by our team of trainers you will by the end of the three-month program be proficient at entering and exiting trades in the Australian market.

Having completed our program “Technical Trading for the Australian Market” will be an advantage.

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Course Outline

Three Month Course

Day 1

Directional Trading Strategies
Learn directional trading strategies and how to apply them in the market.


Day 2 & 3

Advanced Strategies
Learn advanced trading strategies and how to apply them in the market.

Live trading session to put into practice what you have learnt.


Key Outcomes

Become proficient in multiple trading strategies.

Have a clear set of rules of when and how to apply strategies in all market conditions.

Course Support

Weekly Expert Webinar

Every week one of our trading mentors will look at the live market and use the technical rules you have learnt to find trades.

Phone Support

Our members find the best way to use the phone support is that every time they are looking at a potential trade, call one of our mentors. Being able to ask questions about your potential trade is paramount to ensuring you have considered everything required to make an informed decision.

Pulse Trading Program

To apply the rules you learn from this comprehensive training program you will require a technical trading platform. At TradersCircle we’ve teamed up with a market leading trading platform Pulse designed by Paritech. This trading platform provides us with live charts, market depth, pricing and all the tools and indicators required to make an informed decision.

Why TradersCircle?

Traders Circle has built a reputation over the last 13 years as being a Premium Educator, support and trade execution service for individuals wishing to educate themselves and trade the market.

We pride ourselves on focusing on you the individual. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, we will train, coach, and provide a structured, no nonsense set of rules for picking the direction of a stock. Once you’ve picked the direction we can assist you in executing your trade, either with our expert full-service solution or by taking advantage of our online rates.

Your trainer is Carlo Castellano, the Co-Founder of TradersCircle, who is considered one of the best trainers in the industry. With his knowledge and ability to take the subject of trading and simplify it, you will walk away with a full understanding of how to apply the rules he uses and has taught traders over many years.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

Trained by a Team of Professional Traders.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

You have a personal on-call trainer.

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Live Trade Recommendations

Tools on members' website

Tools on members' website

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