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Our Trading

Co-designed with investors and traders with everything you need to trade smarter.

Over the years we’ve been pursuing software that allows you to trade online. Our software partner Iress and their Viewpoint software offers exactly that, as well as all the key features and data needed to inform your trading decisions.

Everything you get with Iress:

  1. Easy to use charting with all the key indicators
  2. Simple trading functionality with Bid/Offer data
  3. Customisable watchlists 
  4. Market and company news
  5. ASX announcements

Co-designed with investors and traders, Iress Viewpoint is a web-based, multi-asset, multi-market software that delivers everything you need to trade smarter.

The software is highly customisable and includes robust technical, fundamental and trading features. Providing 24/7 access from most internet browsers.

Easy to use

Clear design, simple navigation, no downloads, and compatible with Mac OS and PC



A single web interface for various trading needs

Our Software Partner


Everything you need to perform trades and analysis without re-keying data

xjo - IRESS Viewpoint