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Something is in the water. The current market environment is nothing like we have seen before. 

High prices, high inflation, high interest rates and now the largest world economy slipping into technical recession. But, now is looking like a good time to buy.

To understand what direction interest rates are heading, Tim and Mike discuss US bond rates, implied inflation rates, yield curve inversions, and how to play this market from an investor’s point of view.

Fear equals selling, which is why we have seen recession fears priced into the tech and discretionary sectors, where investors have seen stocks smash 70-80% lower since February this year. 

So maybe it’s time to get your shopping list ready? When we start to see interest rates stabilising, CPI readings start missing expectations; then, it is time to get a better look at the most beaten down stocks as light comes back into the market. 

In this week’s EFG podcast, Tim and Mike talk about the current state of the market and what it means going forward. Click below to watch.

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