If you’re like most people, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make fast money. And if you’re an investor, that means finding stocks that can give you big returns in a relatively short amount of time. In this episode of Fast Money #2, we’re going to look at two stocks that could do just that: Metals X (MLX) and Monash IVF (MVF). So, which one is the better investment? Let’s find out!

Metals X Ltd

Metals X is a small-cap tin producer that has recently seen a decline in the price of tin. This is great news for the company, as its all-in costs of producing the metal remain low, and is profitable even with tin prices at relative lows. In the event tin prices began a rally to new highs, this would bring the miner along with it and could easily triple its value.

On top of the fact that Metals X is debt free and has seen surprisingly promising results from its current investments, it’s clearly a very attractive investment. 

Market cap: $250 million

Revenue: $288.8 million 

NPAT: $176.3 million

EPS: 14.8c

P/E: 1.8

Monash IVF

The fertility industry is booming at the moment, and Monash IVF is one of the leading providers in Australia. This year, the company pulled in $192 million revenue and $18.5 million in net profit. This is likely to continue as the industry grows, with the New South Wales government recently injecting 80 million dollars worth of subsidies into the sector. 

At the moment, there’s three big players in the mouth of the IVF space in Australia; excluding Monash IVF, there’s Virtus Health (ASX: VRT), which was acquired after a 15-month-long bidding war that saw an arms race with offers brought to the table. There was also the player Genea IVF, who was snagged up off-market via private equity funding.

This will help to drive even more growth, especially with same-sex couples being able to access IVF via Medicare from next year.

Market cap: $388 million

Revenue: $192.3 million

NPAT: $22.2 million

EPS: 4.7c

P/E: 21.17