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Channel Pattern on Brambles Limited (BXB)

As traders, we use technical analysis as a reliable method for speculating on future price direction of both equities (shares) and indexes. Technical Analysis in simple terms is the study of historic price movements in a chart in search of patterns or consistently traded support and resistance levels. Today we are looking at a specific chart pattern that falls under continuation patterns, the Channel.

Appearance:  A channel pattern comprises of:

  • A strong resistance level the stock has reversed from.
  • A strong support level where the stock has moved bullish after touching or getting close to.
  • A mid to long term period where the stock has channeled between the resistance and support levels.

Continuation Pattern: The Channel Pattern is one of the most common continuation patterns you will see when looking at a sideways market. You can see that when the stock hits that key resistance level, the share price moves down to start looking bullish. Once it has hit its support level, it usually changes to bullish straight away.

Important Note: To time this pattern correctly usually takes a little while since you will need the support and resistance levels to be confirmed before you can have a clear view that the stock is stuck between the channel lines.  If the levels are not confirmed, the price level may just be taking a breather before heading in either the long-term trend line, or a breakout to the opposite direction.

Example: Brambles (BXB)

BXB has started to trade in a channel pattern ever since reporting back in the middle of February. The resistance level has been tested a couple of times, and the support level three times now: with the most recent test of support pushing the share price higher today. With the share price now looking likely to trade in-between $11.66 and $12.10, it is very possible we will see a test of resistance in the coming weeks. As you can see from the below chart, the channel pattern has been continuing for over a month now, giving more confirmation that the stock is going to continue sideways until some economic data or company earnings report comes out. With channels as well though, be wary that a change in either a commodity price or currency can have a drastic effect on share price.

There are many ways that you could take advantage of these patterns. As a specialist in derivatives, we are able to profit on a stock when it falls as well as when it rises.

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