Atomos seeks subscription revenue

With the world balancing out their work at home life with days in the office, professional video editors and content creators have struggled to decide where to edit their videos. If you edit your videos at home, it is almost impossible to go to work and finish editing because of the difficulties in sharing a project between computers. 

Atomos Limited (ASX: AMS) have ventured into rectifying this issue by providing software that uses the cloud for editing video files to enhance collaboration and ease of access. 

Atomos’ new cloud studio  introduces cloud-based video production tools to replace complicated hardware with simple software that even rookie video editors can get their heads around. The connected network devices, the Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect, are part of Atomos’ new generation of cloud connected devices to further the Company’s hardware and software strategy to drive margin expansion and provide recurring revenues. 

The new Atomos Connect is a cousin of their current popular Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+ monitor recorders, which the Company has sold over 150,000 units to date. When the devices are paired together, the Atomos Connect and Ninja V/V+ can transform professional cinema editing, mirrorless monitors and DSLR cameras into an efficient cloud-connected set-up that expedites workflow. 

The new Shogun Connect will be an all-in-one 7” monitor-recorder with similar connectivity technologies that combine HDR monitoring and RAW recording. Both products will debut in June 2022, with the Atomos Connect costing US$399 per unit and the Shogun Connect costing US$1,299.

The two new devices are a product of a partnership that AMS has secured with, which is part of the Adobe community. is a robust cloud-based software that works with Premiere Pro and After Effects which can be accessed with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Together they will launch Atomos Cloud Studios to connect Atomos Devices with Adobe’s Hardware solutions. With having over 1 million subscribers and Adobe Creative Cloud having over 26 million subscribers, this partnership represents an immense opportunity for Atomos to attract new customers.

“The launch of these exciting new products and services represents an important milestone for Atomos… Atomos has always enjoyed a strong reputation for delivering highly dependable tools for content creators at the point of capture. The cloud-based solutions will ensure that Atomos continues to streamline our users’ experience, not just on set, but through the entire production and creative process,” said Atomos interim CEO, Trevor Elbourne. 

AMS has reconfirmed its FY22 guidance for revenue of over $95m and EBITDA margins of 12-15%. They aim to release an additional product by the end of FY22 and a further 5-6 products in FY23.