An update on the ASX-listed hybrid market

A ‘hybrid’ security essentially combines elements of debt securities (like bonds) and equity securities (like shares). Hybrids typically pay a high yield either fixed or floating rate until a certain date. 

Hybrids do include the possibility or eventuality of conversion into shares, and so they sit somewhere in between bonds and shares with regards to risks and potentially returns.

However, while the current rapidly rising interest rate environment has led to selling in many shares, it has been a boon to the hybrid market. Many investors should now consider whether it is worth adding hybrids to their investment portfolio.

Hybrids are priced to mature on their next call date. Still, their maturity can be extended, or they can be converted into shares depending on whether there are difficult financial circumstances and/or as determined by APRA. This is one of the risks of owning Hybrids.

Using a mathematical formula, the price of listed hybrids can be converted into a yield to the likely next call date. Applying this formula to the Australian market shows that many hybrids outside of the big-four banks are currently yielding 6.5 or even 7 percent per year including franking:

ASX-listed hybrid market 3

Looking solely on the hybrids of the big four banks, there are many attractive yields being offered as well:

ASX-listed hybrid market

These yields have risen with the lift in interest rates, and so have provided some protection against rising rates to their investors.

In addition to the attractive yields, the prices of these hybrids have been a lot less volatile than the movements in shares across the past twelve months. Suggesting that hybrids have recently offered a better risk adjusted return compared to shares.

ASX-listed hybrid market 2

Several major financial institutions are also expected to issue new hybrids in the coming months and these new issues are frequently offered at very attractive prices.

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