Origin Energy (ORG)

The Strategy: Long Strangle

  • Profits from both a rise, and a fall in the share price.
  • You don’t have to have a strong directional view.
  • Must have a certain amount of either bullish or bearish movement.
  • Movement must occur quickly (within a day or two).
  • Can be skewed to be more bullish or bearish.

When to Use

  • Volatility events where large share price movement is expected.
  • When it’s difficult to pick direction.
  • A hedge is needed.
  • Strong break outs.

If Trading the Report:

  • Check a handful of previous reports movements
  • 5% move is a minimum rule of thumb
  • Enter a couple days prior as implied volatility will likely rise leading into the report.

Example: Origin Energy Ltd (ORG)

  • ORG is trading at $4.29.
  • Reports in two days (19th of August).
  • Buy a September Call and a Put at $4.3.
  • Profit target is an 8 – 10% share price movement.

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