Today we are looking at applying a Bull Call on BHP Group Ltd


BHP is currently trading at $51.78.

BHP has been trading in an uptrend since the covid crash in March last year. Recently it pulled back from its recent highs and stalled at both a key level of support and the accelerated uptrend line which comes in at around $51.50. Some of the pull back is likely attributed to the falls we have seen in commodities, but in particular iron ore.

BHP reports on the 17th and often we see a rally leading into it. The pull back to these levels presents some room to rally. There are a few ways this can be traded in such a short period. We could simply purchase a Call option and profit with a quick snap up. Alternatively, we could hedge for time and do a shorter dated Bull Call spread, so that if BHP tracks sideward up to the report, we can close the trade for a marginal profit (after costs).

Today did not provide the best entry signal for a bullish trade, but this is one to keep an eye on in the coming days.

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