Plato Income Maximiser – Bid for Allocation

Offer Summary

The Entitlement Offer is for Plato Income Maximiser Ltd (ASX.PL8). Raising a total of $204 million, the offer enables investors to acquire shares in PL8 at an offer price of $1.10 per New Share (Offer Price). 

The Shortfall Offer (in the Prospectus) allows any New Shares not taken up by Eligible Shareholders under the Entitlement Offer (see above) and the Oversubscription Facility (see prospectus) to be offered to investors under the Shortfall Offer.

The Offer Price represents a discount of approximately 7.9% to the closing share price on 7 August 2019 of $1.195 and a discount of approximately 6.2% to the volume-weighted average price for the five trading days up to and including 7 August 2019.

PL8 is an actively managed, well-diversified portfolio of Australian listed equities, it aims to deliver a monthly dividend to investors.

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